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Function: Moisturizing, lighten, tighten as well as tender your skin, thin down melanin and eliminate strange scent, remove melanin

Suit For: This lightening cream ideal to be utilized on Neck, foot, areola, armpit, nipple area, knee and various other exclusive body parts. Instant bleaching tone in skin surface, smooth and bleaching the skin. It is likewise safe for oily, dry as well as combination skin kinds.

Usage: After cleaning the skin, take proper quantity of products.Evenly related to the skin, Gently massage to absorb.Suggestions one way or another.

Component: Water, glycerol, sorbitol, white mineral oil, PEG-30 dimeric hydroxystearic acid ester, nano-titanium dioxide, dioctyl carbonate, magnesium stearate, hydroxybenzophennone, scent, hydrolyzed collagen, bamboo charcoal.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You are in service warranty to return and also get full refund with no condition if you are not satisfied with the secret underarm bleaching lotion

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