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Pineapple which contains bromelain works to reduce the adhesion between dead skin cells on the surface of our skin and encourage them to slough off to reveal nice new skin cells.

Papaya which contains Papain is very good at breaking down proteins, the main protein in dirt on our skin surface is keratin, followed by sweat protein. Papain breaks up the protein and cleans it away.

An effective exfoliant that sloughs off dead cells on the surface of the skin while imparting benefits. Made with 93% Organic and 7% Natural Ingredients

In-house Manufacturing to Guarantee Pure Ingredients & Exclusivity. We only buy our ingredients from companies that only sell Organic & ECO-Cert Natural Ingredients. We do not engage in any animal testing nor do we support any companies that engage in current animal testing.

FREE OF :: Parabens → Formaldehyde Donors → Sulfates → Petros → Alcohol → Ethoxylates → Nitrates → Artificial Color → Artificial Fragrance

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