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STOP THE CLOCK! Time Brings a Slow but Natural Decline of the Skin, but We CAN Do Something About It! The First Step is Deep Cleansing to Draw Out Toxins, Excess Sebum, Unblock Pores, Getting Rid of Bacteria that Can Lead to Acne, Remove Impurities and Dead Skin Cells. Provides Anti Aging Detoxifying Benefits and Brighter, Smoother, More Radiant Skin with a Soothing Natural Green Tea & Mint Scent. Gentle Enough for Daily Use.

NO HARMFUL FILLERS, PARABENS, DYES, SULFATES. PEGs, PETROCHEMICALS or ANIMAL TESTING. GMO & GLUTEN FREE. Loaded with Whole Foods Standards Approved Anti Aging Natural Key Ingredients – Tea Tree Powder – Kaolin Clay – Lavender Oil – Vitamin C & B5 – White Charcoal Powder – Aloe Vera – Botanical Extracts from Rosemary, Pomegranate, Cinnamon, Persimmon, Peppermint, Apple, Raspberry, Comfrey, Cucumber and more. See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION below.

ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSER, EXFOLIATOR & TONER from NutraNuva has Creamy Mud-To-Lather Natural Ingredients that Help Protect Against Premature Aging & Sun Damage, Reduce Swelling & Puffiness, and Gently Exfoliates to Rejuvenate the Skin. Tightens Pores, Hydrates & Restores pH. Your Skin Will Be Perfectly Prepared to ABSORB ALL THE BENEFITS from Your Favorite Serum and Moisturizer to Maintain a Youthful Complexion. Lightener & Brightener.

SMART PHONE USER? Contains Malachite to Help Protect Skin from Harmful Radiation (EMR) from Smart/Cell Phones, Tablets & Computers. Concentrated and Effective with 6 Full Ounces – Equivalent to 12 Ounces of other products. No Need to Purchase Extra Exfoliators and Toners. Luxury You Can Afford.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. in an FDA-Registered State-of-the-Art Laboratory. FOR BEST RESULTS, follow with FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Serum Complex with 20% C and FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Cream, also available here on Amazon – Frequently Bought Together.

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