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In todays video clip, we are taking a look at the new Morphe eye Shadow Palette developed in partnership with James Charles, an appeal expert we have actually mentioned a pair of times formerly. The bright eye shadow combination resembles a replacement for Morphe’s old terminated intense combination, and James Charles would be the ideal influencer to be the face of the brand name considering that he’s recently done a lot more intense and experimental looks.

Nevertheless, whilst seeing the launch video clip of the new make-up by James Charles, I noticed something weird with the swatches. I intend to emphisise I assume James typically carried out the video to an actually high requirement, you can tell he’s put a great deal of time right into the intro with the singing etc.

The problem appears a lot more on Morphe’s side with the top quality as well as efficiency of the shadows they’ve consisted of in this scheme. Clearly, if James is attempting to hide problems with the formula of the item, then that is actually a criminal offense by itself as us, the consumer, are offered an incorrect representation of exactly how these darkness genuinely carry out.

It’s truly strange we would certainly be in a situation like this after the previous Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Vault Collection scandal. At this factor, we are assuming Morphe are really much conscious of thee high quality of the items they are launching, as well as should be keeping track of top quality control with a great toothed comb after previous events.

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