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Our flawless glow Brightening cream is a silky soft moisturizer that reduces the appearance of dark pigments. Providing whiter, lighter, brighter skin, our everyday cream decreases dark spots and promotes a more luminous overall color

Offering a flawless, elegant, effortless beauty product that provides a youthful radiance and reduces the appearance of pigment disorders. Our classic whitening cream is an all-natural solution for dark spots and un-even complexions

A fast-absorbing cream made from a blend of multi-action micro-nutrients and plant extracts, our mild whitening cream offers the perfect compromise between effective Brightening and everyday hydration.

Using only the finest naturally-sourced extracts and oils, the brightening cream comes with an all-natural, preservative-free guarantee. We handpick ingredients that are easy on the planet and leave out synthetic colorants and fragrances, petrochemicals and harmful SLS, alkaline and parabens.

Ingredients:Water,Cetearyl Alcohol(AND)Ceteareth-20,Mineral Oil,Cetyl Alcohol,Isopropyl Palmitate,Sheabutter,(Butyrospermum ParkII),AlpaFlorGigaWhite,Lipo Bright HCA-4,Prunus Amygoalus Dulcis,Glyceryl Monostearates S/E,Simmondsia Chinensis(Jojoba)Seed Oil Alpha Albutine,Melavoid (Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract),Propylene Glycol,Hexanediol-1 2,Caprylyl Glycol,Sodium Citrate,Osmanthus Fragrance Oil Lemongrass Essential Oil,Tea Tree Essential Oil Bamboo Leaf Extract and Licorice Root Extract

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