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14 Easy Experiments And Tricks With Food:
Discover outstanding life hacks to creep make-up right into class! We’ll demonstrate how to make a lipstick in an adhesive pen, an eyeshadow inside the apple or eyeliner appearing like the modification pen.

Supplies as well as Tools:
– Pens as well as markers that do not compose anymore
– Glue and also correction liquid containers
– Used or damaged make-up
– Eyeliner pen
– Little lipstick
– Hand lotion
– Dry wipes
– Nail file
– Eraser
– Apple
– Knife
– Rubbing alcohol
– Syringe
– Cardboard, white, shade and also scrapbook paper
– White acrylic paint
– Brush
– Scissors
– Pencil, pen
– Ruler
– Lip brush
– Glitter
– Clear adhesive
– Pliers
– Keychain materials
– Air completely dry clay
– Nail gloss
– Needle and also string
– Ribbon
– Awl
– Stickers
– Mirror
– Hot adhesive weapon
– Tweezers
– Cups for blending
– Microwave

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