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10 DIY Making The Smallest Slime In The World/ Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts:
Do you recognize what takes place if you make mix of gizmos and cosmetics? New funny tricks, certainly! See our new video clip how to prank friends with uncommon cosmetics!

Supplies as well as devices:
– Rectangular face powder compact
– Acrylic paint
– Foam rubber sheet
– Compasses
– Metallic paper
– Marker
– Phone case
– Eyebrow powder
– Spray acrylic paint
– Fabric with double sided bangles
– Double sided tape
– Scissors
– Lipstick
– Mini blink drive
– Hot adhesive weapon
– Rubbing alcohol
– Big makeup scheme
– Printed MacBook pieces
– Toy tablet computer styluses
– White adhesive
– Glitter
– Hair spray
– Makeup brushes
– Oval hair brush
– Light clay
– Modeling tool
– Mascara
– Silver satin ribbon
– Utility blade
– Pencil
– Decorative box
– Contouring combination
– Elastic bow
– Coconut oil
– Makeup radiance
– White eyeshadow
– Round pot
– Printed Go-Pro video camera information
– Fitness bracelet
– Plastic cap
– Lip balm

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